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Short Truths about Marijuana (for those newly receptive after state legalization)

Friday, December 7th, 2012
  • Use is not abuse.  Drug use is not drug abuse.  People use marijuana because they enjoy it, or for medical reasons.  That’s not drug abuse.  It’s drug use.
  • Marijuana is safer than alcohol.
  • Marijuana is more useful than harmful.
  • The worst harms from marijuana use come from being searched, arrested, prosecuted, imprisoned, and put on probation.  The worst harm comes not from the drug, but from the drug policy.
  • Marijuana is 3x as popular as all other illegal drugs combined.
  • Thus, fixing our marijuana policy would fix 75% of the illegal drug issue.
  • U.S. drug policy is the last bastion of official racism against black and latino people.
  • U.S. drug policy kills tens of thousands of people every year in Mexico.
  • U.S. drug policy destabilizes governments all over Latin America.
  • The U.S. imprisons far more people than any nation on earth — and a quarter of the problem is our drug laws.
  • Despite any child or adult being able to get marijuana, no independent medical studies of marijuana can legally be done in the U.S., due to deliberate and systematic blockage by half a dozen federal agencies.
  • The government is lying to us about drugs — particularly about marijuana.
  • Marijuana has been a medicine and a major fiber crop for thousands of years, all over the world.
  • Marijuana was a medicine and a major fiber crop in the U.S., until former Prohibitionists got Congress to outlaw it in 1937, after Repeal and the Depression threatened their jobs.