Update on Reliance blank caps (water storage for emergencies and Burning Man)

My friends followed my recommendation and called Reliance to get blank caps for their newly bought Jumbo-Tainers.  When I called them a year or two ago, they were pleasant and even sent the caps without charge.  All but one of my original caps were leaking, and I’d tried numerous fixes on them without success.
Nowadays they have decided to be a pain in the ass.  Reliance now sells blank caps only in blocks of 4 cases of 144 caps/case.  They referred us to a dealer in Minnesota, who would only sell a full case of 144 caps at 70c per cap.  My friend tried calling several camping stores that sell Jumbo-Tainers, and they all refused to sell blank caps.

As my friend says, “I think we’re stuck with spigots unless we want to spend $100+shipping for a lifetime’s supply of blank caps.”

Therefore I have to disrecommend the Reliance water storage products.

It’s just amazing how companies shoot themselves in the foot in such trivial, stupid ways.

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