Gnash-Noise Integration

Gnash is the GNU Flash player.

Noise is a large piece of integrated proprietary software that currently uses a proprietary flash player.

There is some hope that parts of noise can be released as free software, particularly if we get gnash working well with it.

This project’s goals are:

  • Use gnash in place of the proprietary flash player in Noise.
  • Improve gnash so that it correctly renders the flash movies in Noise.
  • Improve gnash so that it uses minimal resources (primarily CPU and RAM) when playing those flash movies.
  • If any of the flash movies in Noise are released under a free software license, then in addition, this project could make improvements to those flash movies (e.g. for efficiency, or to fix bugs that impact gnash).

In some sense this work is open-ended. “Correctness” and “minimal resources” are unattainable in practice, so we’ll settle for something less than perfection.  In return this should take less time and be cheaper than perfection :-) .  So, it’s probably best to bid this project on an hourly basis rather than as a lump sum.